After running payroll and generating checks for employees who prefer check as their mode of payment, the payroll admin can access a report with a list of employees and check details for that particular pay period.


To generate a report with a list of employees and their paycheck details for a selected pay period.

To understand how to print checks in PayWow, click here.


Payroll Type, Year, and Pay period

Running the Report:

  • Go to  Reports >> Payroll Reports >> Check Printing Report.

  • On the check printing report page, select Payroll TypeYear and Pay Period to view the check details.

  • The checks generated for the chosen range will be displayed.

  • You can view check details including check number, date the check was generated, date the check was printed, and check status.

Output Fields:

Employees are listed and along with corresponding check amounts for their paychecks, the printing status of those checks, date the checks were generated, and check numbers

Sample Report: