How can I pay my contractors?
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You can be flexible in how you pay contractors - pay by the hour or offer a fixed payment for an entire job. If Pay per Job Tracker is enabled, you can also track the payments you make for each job.

To have an overview of different types of payroll, click here.

Pay by the Hour or Fixed Pay 

To pay selected contractors,

  1. Go to Payments >> Express Pay.
  2. Click Pay Contractors.
  3. Choose the mode of payment and payday and select contractors to pay.
  4. Enter payments.
  5. Add deductions & reimbursements, if any.
  6. Review your payment summary. Click Approve & Submit.

Track & Pay per Job

Track payments you issue to contractors with Pay per Job Tracker. You can also pay contractors through PayTracker; any payments recorded will be integrated automatically.

  1. Go to Payments >> Pay per Job Tracker (or the name you choose).
  2. Select Year and Period. 
  3. Click + next to the contractor you wish to pay.
  4. Click Pay Contractor
  5. Review payments integrated from the tracker.
  6. Add deductions & reimbursements, if any.
  7. Review your payment summary. Click Approve & Submit.

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