An overview of collaborators
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Applicable To
Complete Payroll Contractor Pay Employees Contractors

A primary admin can add employees/contractors or others as collaborators to help manage administrative tasks in the PayWow account.  

Below are the default roles available for collaborators in PayWow. A custom role with a set of privileges can also be created based on the needs of the business.  

  • Company admin -- has full control over the PayWow account, including employee management, time and attendance, tips management, payroll, compliance, benefits management, reports, and all account settings.   
  • Payroll admin* -- can run payroll for employees and contractors.
  • Benefits Admin* -- can manage employees’ benefits information.
  • HR Admin* -- can hire or terminate employees. 


* Applicable only for Complete Payroll Account


For an overview of getting started with PayWow, click here.


Custom Roles

Custom roles can be created with privileges to specific modules. For example, to manage the shift timings and time-off requests of employees, custom role ‘Time & Attendance’ may be created with access to the below modules.

  • Time Clock
  • Time Off

Similarly, to manage payroll, a custom role with access to that particular module can be created.

Employees or non-employees can then be added as a collaborator and assigned to the appropriate role. It is mandatory that the collaborator should have an email address.

To create custom roles and assign collaborators to them, click here.

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