What features does myPayWow offer?
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Complete Payroll Contractor Pay Employees Contractors

myPayWow is a self-service app for employees and contractors that allows them to do everything from clock shift hours to request time off.


Employers must enable myPayWow access for employees and/or contractors in order to give them access to the web portal and the app.

Here's what myPayWow offers:

  • Quick Access - Employees and contractors can easily set up quick access for their myPayWow account, either by creating a four-digit PIN or enabling the fingerprint option. 
  • Time Clock - Employees and contractors with Time Clock access can instantly record their work hours. 
  • Time Off - The Time Off feature lets employees request time off according to the policies they are assigned to. 
  • Two-factor Authentication - Employees and contractors can enable two-factor authentication to make their accounts even more secure. 
  • Tips - Employees can record cash and paycheck tips that they receive. 


1)  Can employees access the myPayWow app from multiple devices?

Yes. Employees can access the myPayWow app through any device, Android and iOS, that has internet access. However, they cannot log in to multiple devices at the same time. If an attempt is made to access myPayWow from a new device, the account will be automatically logged out of other devices.

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