In myPayWow, Reporting Managers can review, and approve or decline time-off requests for their reportees. An email notification will be sent to the reporting manager when a reportee submits a Time Off request.

Here’s how to approve/decline a time-off request:

  1. From the left flap menu, tap Reportee(s) >> Time Off.

  2. Tap the Time Off Requests tab, and pick a month from Select Month to view all pending requests for that month.

  3. Tap next to the request to approve/decline.

  4. To view a list of declined requests, tap the Time Off - Declined tab.

  5. To view a list of approved requests, tap Time Off - Approved.

Reportees will be notified of the status of their time off request through email and push notifications.

A reporting manager can also manage the reportee time clock entries in myPayWow.