An Overview of the Time Off Feature in myPayWow
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Time Off feature in myPayWow allows employees to request time off and view the approval status. A reporting manager can review and approve time-off requests for their reportee(s), as well as add time off on their behalf. To learn how to manage time-off requests from reportees, click here.

To learn more about the features offered to employees in myPayWow, click here.

With the time off feature, employees can: 

  • Request Time Off - Employees can only request time-off against the policies that have been assigned to them. To learn how to request time off, click here.
  • View Time-Off Activity - Under the My Time Off tab, employees can view details such as current time-off requests and the status of those requests, upcoming and approved time-off requests, and time off history. 
  • Receive Notifications - When an employer approves or declines a time-off request, employees will be notified through email and push notifications. 
  • Check Accrual Balances - Check the available and current time-off balances, as well as the respective accrual history against each policy. To learn more about accrual and balance history, click here.


  1. When will time-off hours be accrued?

=> Hours will be accrued based on the accrual method set by the administrator in the policy, i.e., either at the beginning of the year, on the anniversary date, or on each pay period when the payroll is run. 

       2. Planning to request unpaid time off but can’t find the policy? Here’s why?

=> For an employee to request time off against a policy, the employer has to link the employee to the policy.  Contact your employer for further assistance.

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