With Payroll Journal Report, the payroll admin can track details such
 as payment method, earnings, deductions/contributions, and employee/employer taxes to arrive at the total cost of employment for each employee assigned to a payroll.


To generate a report of all economic transactions for each employee during and after payroll creation. 

To learn how to run a regular payroll, click here.


Year, Date Range, Payroll Type, Start Date, and End Date. 

Running the Report:

  1. Go to Reports >> Payroll Reports, then click Payroll Journal Report.
  2. Select the Year, Payroll Type, and Date Range, and click Search
  3. Click View Report next to the pay schedule for which the journal report has to be generated.

Output Fields:

This report shows the payment method, earnings, deductions/contributions, employee and employer taxes, and the employer cost for each of the employees assigned to a payroll.

Sample Report:

Export Format:

PDF and CSV formats.