The payroll admin can track reimbursements offered for each employee during a payroll. Reimbursements are non-taxable and added to the employee's net pay. The Payroll Reimbursement Report is available on the day the payroll is submitted.


To generate a report of the reimbursements enabled for each employee and offering during payroll.

To understand how to add garnishments, deductions, reimbursements, click here.


Year, Payroll Type, Pay Schedule

Running the Report:

  1. Go to Reports >> Payroll Reports and click Reimbursement Report.
  2. On the Reimbursement Report page, select the Year, Payroll Type and Pay Schedule for which the report is to be generated.
  3. Click View Report.

Output Fields:

The Reimbursement Report shows the reimbursements offered to each employee. Employee type and reimbursement type for each employee are also shown.


Sample Report:

Export format:

PDF and CSV formats.