There are four categories under which time-off policies can be created-  Paid Time Off, Unpaid Time Off, Sick, and Holiday.

Here’s how each category works:

  • Paid Time Off & Sick Policies- There is no limit to the number of policies you can create under these categories. You can either choose limited as the policy type to set a limit on the number of hours an employee can accrue or select unlimited. Employees requesting time off under these policies will be paid. 

  • Unpaid Time Off - You can create only one policy under this category. The policy type is set to unlimited by default, and so, employees added under this policy will not have any limit on the number of time-off requests they can submit.  

  • Holiday Policy - You can create a single policy to maintain the holidays specific to your business for a particular year. You can add federal holidays from the list and/or create a holiday. 

Administrators and any collaborator with time-off access can create time-off policies and add employees to them.


  1. What if I delete a time-off policy? Will it affect my employees’ time-off requests?

Yes, all your employees’ scheduled requests will be removed from the Time Off Requests history if a policy is deleted.