How Does Geofencing Work?
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Geo-fencing is a virtual barrier that allows employers to set up boundaries around the worksite and let employees/contractors clock in and out within those boundaries

For the employees/contractors to use this option, the administrator must enable geofencing under Time Clock Settings.

To learn about all the options available for recording shifts, click here.

Here’s how an administrator can enable geofencing:

  1. Go to Settings >> Time & Attendance Settings >> Time Clock.
  2. Under Geofencing, click .
  3. Choose Yes, Enable Geofencing.
  4. Enter the range to which you would like to restrict shift recording activity. 
  5. Select whether or not you would like to allow employees to record shifts outside the geofenced area.

Note: If the administrator selects yes to allow employees to record work hours outside of the boundary, the administrator can navigate to Time Clock Summary to see a list of employees who recorded work hours when they were outside of the boundary.

To learn more about approving employee work hours, click here.

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