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Applicable To
Complete Payroll Contractor Pay Employees Contractors


The administrator generates a detailed contractor payment report to keep track of all charges paid to the contractor. It includes reimbursement and deduction charges, contractor costs.


To generate a detailed report which lists contractors Payments made on varied date ranges. 

To learn about how to pay contractors in PayWow, click here


Year, Date Range, Contractor, and Group By.

Running the Report:

  1. Go to Reports >> Pay Per Job Tracker Reports >> Job Tracker Detailed Report.
  2. Select Year, Date Range, and Contractor for whom the report is to be generated. 
  3. Click Generate.


Output Fields:

The report lists each contractor's detailed summary of the payment. It includes Date, Event Name, Miscellaneous, Other Deductions, Total Other Cost, Contractor Cost, and Overall Total.  

Sample Report: 

Export Format:

PDF and Excel.

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