How to run an off-cycle payroll?
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An off-cycle payroll is run for employees who have been skipped in the regular payroll or have joined in the middle of a pay period. To run this payroll, you don’t need any specific date or pay schedule. The tax rate is calculated based on W-4 withholdings or a flat supplemental rate. 

You can integrate the employee’s existing time clock entries with payroll, and choose to make payments by check or direct deposit.

For an overview of the types of payroll, click here.

Here's how to run an off-cycle payroll:

  1. Go to Payroll >> Other Payroll >> Run Off-Cycle Payroll.
  2. Select How would you like to pay your employees, Payday, Pay period start and end date, and Tax Withholding Rate. 
  3. If you select Based on W-4 Withholdings under Tax Withholding Rate,
    • Select Pay Schedule
    • Select whether you want to integrate the time clock entries with payroll
  4. Select employees and click Run Payroll. 
  5. For employees who are paid hourly, you can add regular hours. For additional earnings, click +  and choose options from the drop-down.   
  6. Click +Add payroll notes to add notes for employees to view on their pay stub.
  7. Click Save & Continue.
  8. Review and add employees' deductions & reimbursements, if needed, then click Save & Continue.
  9. Review the payroll summary and click Approve & Submit Payroll.
  10. To confirm, click Approve Payroll.  
  11. Click Payroll Summary Report and download it as PDF or Excel.

To learn how to run a regular payroll, click here.

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