How do I add a pay schedule?
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A pay schedule must be created in order to run a regular payroll. There are six types of pay schedules available: weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, monthly, quarterly, and semi-annually. Multiple pay schedules can also be created if needed.

Here’s how to add a pay schedule:

  1. Go to Settings >> Payroll Settings >> Pay Schedule.
  2. Under the Pay Schedule page, click the Set up a Pay Schedule button.
  3. Enter the Pay Schedule Name and select the type (weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually).
  4. Choose the check day and first check date, then select the pay period.
  5. Preview upcoming paydays from the calendar in the right corner.
  6. Click Save & Continue
  7. Select employees for the pay schedule.
  8. Click Save & Continue
  9. Preview the Pay Schedule Summary and click Finish.


1) Can I delete the pay schedule that is no longer used?

      PayWow allows only archiving of pay schedules that you don’t require. The archived pay schedules cannot be used for running payroll, but this would not make any impact on the data integrity of payrolls that have been processed earlier.  To archive a pay schedule, go to Settings >> Payroll Settings and choose Pay Schedule. Click the Archive button against the pay schedule to be removed.

2) Do I need to create a pay schedule for running a bonus payroll?

     Bonus payroll can be run at any time and does not require any pay schedules.

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