Employers and collaborators with time clock access can send reminders to employees and contractors when they miss recording their shift recording activities. It includes clock in, clock out, and end break. 

Here’s how to send reminders:

  1. Navigate to Time & Attendance >> Time Clock.
  2. Under Summary >> Today’s Summary, view employees’ and contractors’ shift status for the day.
  3. See who hasn't clocked in for the day by choosing “Yet to Clock In.”
  4. Select the employees whom you wish to send reminders to and click Send Reminder.

  5. Choose how you’d like to send reminders to the employees (email, push notifications, or both) and click Send.

Similarly, you can navigate to “On Break” and “On Shift” to view the shift status of any employee. Send reminders to anyone who missed ending a break or clocking out.

Employees and contractors will be notified based on your preference. Please note that in order for the employees to receive notifications, they must have set preferences to receive notifications in myPayWow.

Also, they’ll receive push notifications only if they are given myPayWow access.