PayWow allows administrators and collaborators with time-off access to set up and assign time-off policies for their employees. An employer pools time-off hours for employees so that they can be used as needed. 

Here’s how time off works:

  • Set up Time-Off Policy - Administrators can set up time-off policies to manage employees’ time-off requests. There is no limit to the number of policies that can be created under Paid Time Off and Sick categories. However, only one policy can be created under Unpaid Time Off

  • Assign Employees - Employers can assign time-off policies to employees either during employee onboarding or when the policy is created. Once employees are assigned to a time-off policy, they will start accruing time-off hours based on the accrual method set. 

  • Receive Notification - Administrators will be notified of employees’ time-off requests by email. They can also view the requests as a notification on the PayWow dashboard. Similarly, employees will be notified of their approval status through email and push notifications. 

  • Initiate Payroll - Administrators must approve or decline all employee time-off requests before initiating payroll. Time-off hours approved by the employer up until the run payroll date will be integrated into payroll.