You can add bank account information for employees to process direct deposit payments. Once added, PayWow will verify the account details before initiating direct deposits to the account. To speed up the bank account verification process, we suggest that you upload the employee's bank statement or voided check.

Here’s how to add a bank account for an employee:

  1. Go to Directory >> Employee.

  2. Select an employee for whom you wish to add bank account details.

  3. Under Payment Method, click

  4. Enter the bank account details.

  5. Click Save.

You can add up to three bank accounts for an employee who would like to have their payment split and deposited into various accounts. The employee can also add or update their their bank account through myPayWow and opt for the split paycheck.

Note: PayWow recommends that even if your employee adds or updates their bank account through myPayWow, you manually check with the employee by call or in-person before processing direct deposits to the account.