You can record additional information of your employees other than the fields asked during onboarding as custom fields. 

To learn about adding an employee in PayWow, click here.

Here's how to create a custom field:

  1. Go to Settings >> Directory Settings >> Custom Fields.

  2. Click the Add Custom Field button.

  3. Enter Field Name and Helper Text.

  4. Select Field Type, Who should fill out the field and Status of the field.

  5. Click Save.

A few default fields are available - fields that aren't needed or aren't applicable can be disabled, and new fields can be added.

Here's how to map the custom field to an employee:

  1. Go to Directory >> Employee.

  2. Select an Employee.

  3. Under the Personal Details tab, click the Add Additional Info button.

  4. Enter the required details then click Save.

To learn more about, how to add garnishments, deductions, and reimbursements, click here.