You must complete Form I-9 to document the verification of an employee's identity and employment authorization, regardless of whether the employee is a citizen of the United States or not.

Here’s how to complete Form I-9 for an employee:

  1. Go to Compliance >> Employee Documents >> Form I-9.
  2. Click  next to the employee for whom you wish to fill out Form I-9.

Employee Information:

  1. Review the employee’s details.
  2. Click to make any changes that are required, then click Save & Continue.

Employment Eligibility:

  1. Select the employee’s eligibility, then click Save & Continue.

Document Verification:

  1. Select either a document from List A (Identity and Employee Authorization) or one document from List B (Identity) and another document from List C (Employment Authorization).
  2. Based on your selection, enter the document details and upload files, if any.

View Summary:

a. Review the details entered and click the Submit and Send for E-sign button.

Once you submit Form I-9, PayWow will send an email to your employee requesting that they e-sign. When the employee e-signs, you will receive an email prompting you to review and confirm the form.

Here’s how to send your employee a Form I-9 completion request:

  1. Go to Compliance >> Employee Documents >> Form I-9.
  2. Select an employee and click to request that they fill out Form I-9.
  3. Click Yes.

PayWow will send an email to your employee prompting them to log in to myPayWow and complete their I-9 form. The completed forms will be available under the Ready for Review section of the Form I-9 page, under the Compliance menu. Administrators can verify and approve completed I-9 Forms for each of their employees.

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