Before running the first payroll with PayWow, a client must sign certain forms or documents in order to authorize PayWow to perform all the activities related to payroll on their behalf. These documents are organized into three sections: 

1. Legal Agreements - agreements between the Client and PayWow

2. Federal Documents - authorization documents for federal requirements

3. State Documents - authorization documents for state requirements.

Legal Agreements

  1. Service Agreement - Permits to access PayWow's services upon agreeing to the terms & conditions.
  2. Federal and State Electronic Services - To authorize PayWow to pay and file clients’ Federal and State tax returns.
  3. Agent Authorization - To authorize PayWow to instruct state and federal agencies to withdraw funds from the client's checking account for tax payment.
  4. Direct Deposit and Debit Authorization - To authorize PayWow to debit funds from the client’s bank account to process payroll.

Federal Documents

  1. Reporting Agent Authorization - To authorize PayWow as a Reporting Agent that files and pays federal taxes through Form 8655.

State Documents

  1. Application for Electronic Funds Transfer Form -To authorize PayWow to pay state taxes on clients’ behalf.
  2. Form D-128 for South Carolina State.
  3. Form EFT-100C for North Carolina State.
  4. State Unemployment Insurance Tax Department Authorization Form- To authorize PayWow to pay and file clients’ unemployment insurance.
  5. Form UCE 1010 for South Carolina State.
  6. Remitter Authorization Form for North Carolina State.

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