As an employee/contractor, you can add more than one bank account and choose to have your earnings deposited into different accounts in myPayWow. To use this feature, you should have at least two verified bank accounts.

Here's how to split your paycheck amount:

  1. From the left flap menu, choose My Profile

  2. Tap Personal Details.

  3. Under Payment Methods, tap Split Paycheck.

  4. Tap the Setup Split Payments button.

  5. Choose either percentage or amount. 

  6. Enter the values based on your selection. 

  7. Tap Save.

Once you set up split paycheck, your earnings will be deposited according to the percentages or amounts you configured.

If you have added three bank accounts and one of the accounts is still under verification, then the paycheck amount will be split within the verified bank accounts.

To learn how to change the payment method, click here.