Employees and contractors can record their shifts using myPayWow In-App Panel, provided they are given access to it. If geofencing is enabled, then employees and contractors must be within a designated radius set by the administrator to clock in using the app. 


Any shift recorded will be reviewed and approved by an administrator. 

To learn about the different ways to record shifts, click here.

Here’s how to record work hours through it: 

  1. From the left flap menu, select Time Clock.

  2. In Today’s Shift, tap Clock In to start a shift. 

  3. Tap Start Break to start a break.

  4. Tap End Break to end a break.

  5. Tap Clock Out to end a shift.

  6. Tap Summary to view a summary of shifts. 

PayWow will automatically clock an employee or contractor out of their shift if they are not clocked out within 24 hours of their clock-in time. 

To know how to add manual punch in myPayWow, click here.