An employer may generate a report that shows a list of rejected time off requests for a chosen time period, policy type and employee type. Only rejected time off requests will appear, not pending requests.


A list of rejected time off requests can be generated for a chosen time period, policy and employee type. 

To learn about the overview of time off in PayWow, click here.


Start Date, End Date, Policy Type, Employee Type

Running the Report:

  1. Go to Reports >> Time Off Reports. Click Rejected Time Off Report.
  2. Select the Start Date, End DatePolicy Type and Employee Type for which the Rejected Time Off Report is to be generated. 
  3. Click Generate Report.

Output Fields: 

The Rejected Time Off Report will list the Employee Name, Used Hours, Requested Day, Leave Start, Leave End, and Comments.

Sample Report:

Export Format:

PDF and CSV formats.