The payroll admin can view details for employees who were skipped from payroll for any chosen pay period.


To generate a report of employees skipped from payroll.

To learn how to skip an employee from payroll, click here.


Select Year, Pay Period

Running the Report:

  1. Go to Reports >> Payroll Reports and click Skipped Employee Report.

  2. In Skipped Employee Report page, select Year and Pay Period for which the skipped employees report has to be generated. 

  3. Click Generate Report.

Output Fields:

For the chosen year and pay period. skipped employees are listed under the broad categories of "active" and "terminated". The report lists the employees, along with their pay periods, employment types, SSNs, regular and overtime hours, time off, gross pay, and employment statuses. 

The report is available for viewing only. 

Sample Report:

Export Format:

The report is available for viewing only.