The status of a new hire report is important as it pertains to the start of insurance deductions, accrual of time off, etc. Through PayWow, a payroll admin can check the status of new hire reports.


To generate a report of the status of new hire reports given a selected date and state.

To learn how to add a pay schedule for an employee, click here.


Filter by All/Date Range, State

Running the Report:

  1. Go to Reports >> Employee Reports and click New Hire Report.
  2. On the New Hire Report page, select All/Date Range and the State for which the New Hire Report is to be generated.
  3. Click Generate Report.


Output Fields:

The report lists employees along with their details, including SSNs, hire dates, filing request dates, new hire report statuses, and names of those who filed the reports.

Sample Report:

Export Format:

PDF formats.