The status of a new hire report is important as it pertains to the start of insurance deductions, accrual of time off, etc. Through PayWow, a payroll admin can check the status of new hire reports.


By accessing New Hire Reports for a State, a payroll admin can view the status of new hire reports for a range of selected dates. 

To learn about how to add a pay schedule for employees to run regular payroll, click here.


Start and End Dates

Running the Report:

  • Choose the Reports menu and under Payroll Reports, click New Hire Reports for a State.

  • On the New Hire Reports for a State page, choose the start and end dates for which the New Hire Reports for a State are to be generated.
  • Click Generate.


Output Fields:

The new hire name is listed, along with their SSN and hired date. For each of the new hires who work at locations within the state, the status for the New Hire Report filing is given, including information regarding whether PayWow or the employer filed the new hire report. If the report was filed through PayWow, additional information such as the date the report was requested and the date the filing was completed is shown.

Sample Report:

Export Format:

PDF and CSV formats.