After running payroll, an admin can print paychecks for employees who have opted to receive check as their mode of payment. The admin can view and print paychecks for a particular employee or all employees at once. To learn about check printing in PayWow, click here.

Here’s how to print checks:

  1. Go to Payroll >> Check Printing.
  2. A list of processed payrolls will be displayed.
  3. To view the list of employees for a particular payroll, click Print Check.
  4. Select all employees and click to print the respective checks all at once or you can click print icon against a particular employee to print selective check. The checks will be downloaded as PDF files and you can print them from the PDF reader of your choice. To learn why this is the preference for printing checks, click here
  5.  Click under Action to cancel the check and view check history.
  6. Click under Action to view printed checks of the respective employee.