After running the payroll, the employer pays their employees through check who opted for it as their mode of payment. In PayWow, an employer can choose to print check or write it manually. Employers who choose to write check manually can preview sample check similar to the original manual check layout for reference. 

Though the employer cannot print check as opted manual, PayWow allows manual check numbers to be saved for future records. Below are the steps to set up and save manual checks.

To learn more about how to print checks, click here.

Here's how to choose check printing option:


  1. Go to Settings >> Payroll Settings >> Check Printing.
  2. Click to set your preferred Check Printing Process.
  3. In Do you want to print check from PayWow?, select Yes to print PayWow customized check or select No to write check manually.
  4. Click Save Preference to save the check printing option.

Here's how to save manual check number:

  1. Go to Payroll >> Check Printing.
  2. In Check Printing page, select YearMonthPayroll Type for which you have to save check numbers.
  3. Click to view employee list for selected payroll type, month and year.
  4. Click to enter the check number for the selected employees.
  5. Enter the Check number of manual checks you need to save.
  6. Click Save to store manual check details.