PayWow gives you an option to skip an employee from a payroll while processing for a pay period. On choosing to skip an employee, the employee will not be paid for that pay period but will still remain in the same pay schedule, i.e., the employee will be paid in the successive pay periods.

Here’s how to skip an employee payroll:

  1. Go to Payroll >> Dashboard and select a payroll, then click Start the Payroll. 

  2. Review the total number of employees, pay period and pay date of the payroll, then click Run Payroll.

  3. Click next to the employee that you would like to skip.  

  4. Click the Skip Employee from this Payroll button. 

  5. The icon will be changed to symbolizing that the employee has been skipped for the current payroll. Click Save & Continue.

    1. To enroll the employee back into the payroll, click the same icon.

  6. Finish running payroll.


Note:  Employees skipped will not be paid for the current payroll. To pay skipped employees, you can run an off-cycle payroll.