PayWow allows employers to add garnishments, deductions, and reimbursements for employees.

Garnishments: A portion of the employee wages are deducted in response to a court order.

Deductions: A fixed amount or a percentage of the employee's paycheck is withheld to pay for availed schemes like a uniform, meals, etc.

Reimbursements: The employee receives repayment of an amount they spent toward official purposes.

To learn about adding an employee in PayWow, click here.

Here's how to add garnishments, deductions, and reimbursements:

Go to Directory >> Employee.

Select an employee and navigate to the Deductions & Reimbursements tab.

To add a Garnishment

  1. Click the Add Garnishment button.
  2. Select Garnishment Type and Frequency.
  3. Enter Occurrences, select Deductions Start from, and Amount to Withhold.
  4. Attach a Reference Document, if any.
  5. Click Save.

To add a Deduction

  1. Click the Add Deduction button.
  2. Select Deduction, Tax Type, Frequency, Amount to Withhold, and Deduction starts from.
  3. Attach a Reference Document, if any.
  4. Click Save.

To add a Reimbursement

  1. Click the Add Reimbursement button.
  2. Enter Reimbursement Name.
  3. Select Frequency, Occurrences and Reimbursement Start Period.
  4. Enter Reimbursement Amount then attach a Reference Document, if any.
  5. Click Save.

The added garnishments, deductions, & reimbursements will be reflected while running payroll.