Time Clock feature allows administrators to track employees' and/or contractors' work hours, set preferences for recording shifts, automate the approval process, and integrate work hours into payroll. Administrators can also elect to use geofencing to create boundaries for shift recording activity and/or install a kiosk to record shift activities at work premises.

Time Clock options:

  • Allow employees/contractors to record their work hours in myPayWow.

  • Choose to allow employees/contractors to manually enter their work hours. The administrator can also enter manual punches on behalf of them. 

  • Receive dashboard notifications when an employee or contractor records their work hours.

  • Manually review and approve recorded shifts, or automate the process.

  • Use email notifications to keep track of shift activities, such as employees clocking in or out and/or taking breaks.

  • Integrate clocked work hours with payroll.

  • Set up geofencing to keep shift recording activity within a certain boundary.

  • Install a kiosk where employees must be on work premises and scan a QR code in order to record shifts.