PayWow kiosk ensures that the right person clocks in by allowing them to scan the unique QR code presented on the mounted and app-installed device at the work premises. The QR code will get updated every 10 seconds so that each employee/contractor will scan a unique code on every shift activity.

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Here’s how to set up PayWow kiosk:

  1. Go to Settings >> Time & Attendance Settings >> Time Clock.

  2. Click Set Up under Record Shifts through PayWow Kiosk. 

Set Preference for Manual shift recording:

  1. Under Employee Time Clock Access, click .

  2. Set Time clock preferences for both Salaried Employees and Paid by the Hour Employees by selecting any one of the options below:

    1.  Kiosk

    2.  In-App

    3.  Both ( In-App & Kiosk) 

  1. Click Save.

Follow the same steps to provide time clock access for contractors under Contractor Time Clock Access.

Note: The secure 4-digit PIN will be sent as an email for the employees/contractors with kiosk access.

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