Administrators can set an accrual method only for limited time-off policies. Depending on which accrual method is chosen, employees will accrue time-off hours either on pay periods, on the anniversary date, or at the beginning of the year.

For an overview of the time off feature, click here

Here's how to set an accrual method:

  • Go to Time & Attendance >> Time Off  >> Time Off Policies.

  • Click Create under the time-off category to create a new policy. 

  • Enter the policy name and choose Limited Time Off as the policy type.

  • Select either Per Pay Period or Fixed as the Accrual Method.

    • If you select Per Pay Period as the accrual type, employees will accrue hours based upon the hours worked.

    • If you select Fixed as the accrual type, employees will earn fixed accrual hours for the entire year. These hours will be accrued either all at once or on pay periods. 

  • Click Save & Continue.

  • Add employees to the policy, enter their starting balances, and click Finish

Note: In the case of accruals based on pay periods, hours will be accrued at the end of each pay period.