Administrators can assign multiple time-off policies to employees like paid or unpaid, sick or holiday, to track time off. Employees will only be able to request time off against the policies assigned to them. Upon approval, time-off hours will be integrated into payroll.

For an overview of the time off feature, click here

Ways to assign a time-off policy:

During Onboarding

  • Go to Directory >> Employee >> Add Employee.

  • Navigate to Time Off.

  • Select a policy from the drop-down menu.

From the Employee Directory

  • Go to Directory >> Employee, then select the employee.

  • Navigate to the Time Off tab.

  • Click Add Policy and select a policy you wish to assign for the employee and click the Okay button.

From Time-Off Policy

  • Go to Time & Attendance >> Time Off >> Time Off Policies.

  • Click on the policy and check the box next to the employee.

Employees will start accruing hours based on the accrual method set for the policy.

To learn how to approve employees' time-off requests, click here.