You can create multiple paid time-off policies in PayWow. Employees will only be able to request time off according to the policies assigned to them. 

For an overview of the time off feature, click here

Here’s how to set up a Paid Time-Off Policy:

  • Create Policy- Go to Time & Attendance >> Time Off  >> Time Off Policies, and click Create under the appropriate time-off category.

  • Choose Policy Type- If you'd like to limit the number of time-off hours your employees accrue, select "Limited Time Off." If not, choose "Unlimited."

    • If you choose Limited Time Off

      • Set Accrual Method - Select either Fixed or Per Pay period as the accrual method. To learn more about setting an accrual method, click here

      • Set Carryover Limit - Choose whether employees’ unused accrued hours can be carried over to the next year, and specify a carryover limit. You can also set a waiting period that must pass before accrual begins.

      • Set Negative Balances  You can allow a negative balance and set a limit beyond which time off will be considered as loss of pay.

  • Add Employees - Add employees to the policy by checking the box next to the employee's name. Only employees added to the policy will be able to request time off under that policy.

  • Enter Balance Hours - Specify any existing accrued hours of the employees, then click Finish