When an employee performs two or more job roles with different wage rates, you can choose to calculate overtime either by the Weighted Average method or Compensation of job role with overtime hours.

  • Weighted Average method only needs the total overtime hours worked by an employee in the pay period and not the breakup of the overtime hours against each of the job roles.  

  • Compensation of job role with overtime hours:   In order to calculate the total overtime hours, the overtime hours against the job roles need to be tracked. 

Here's how to set the overtime calculation method:

  1. Go to Settings >> Directory Settings >> Job Roles.

  2. Click to change the overtime calculation method. 

  3. Select an overtime calculation method.

By setting up the workweek for your business, overtime hours can be calculated when the employees clock their shifts in myPayWow. 

If you haven’t enabled Time Clock for your business, PayWow will not be able to calculate the overtime hours. In such a case, it is your responsibility to track your employees’ regular and overtime hours against each role and enter hours manually while running payroll.

For an overview of the time clock feature in PayWow, click here