An employer can add employee details manually, or invite the employee to provide their onboarding details. 

Here’s how to add an employee:

  1. Go to Directory >> Employee. 

  2. Click the Add Employee button, fill in employment details, then click Save & Continue.   

    1. If the business is taxed as S Corporation, under Compensation, select Yes if the employee is 2% shareholder, else No

  3. Select either Let the Employee Complete or Enter Manually to complete employee onboarding.

    1. If you select Let the Employee Complete, click the Send Invite button to let employees complete their profile through myPaywow.

    2. If you select Enter manually, enter the employee’s personal details, federal and state withholding details, new hire report, and payment method, then send your employee an invitation to e-sign  Form I-9.

You will be notified when the employee completes onboarding details and e-signs employment documents.

To learn about adding a contractor in PayWow, see How do I add a contractor?.