You can add & manage additional earning components for your employees from the Settings menu. If employees are paid lesser than the minimum wage rate, you can choose to adjust those earnings with the minimum wage.


Here’s how to manage additional earnings for employees:

Add an Additional Earning: 

  1. Go to Directory >> Employee.

  2. Select an employee for whom you are adding an additional earning. 

  3. In the Job details tab,

    • Under Additional Earning, click the Add Additional Earnings button.

    • Select the name of the earning, enter the amount and select the period, then click Save.

Edit an additional earning:

  1. Under Additional Earning, click the Edit icon next to the entry.

  2. Make any required changes.

  3. Click Save.

Remove an additional earning:

  1. Under Additional Earning, click the Delete icon next to an earning entry.

  2. Click the Yes, I want to  Delete button to confirm that you want to delete the selected additional earning.

  3. The additional earning entry will be removed from the Job Details page.

Note: Earnings considered for wage adjustments can be paid only through regular payroll.

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