Section 3 of the Form I-9 would be needed during re-verification of

  • (i) a legal name change, or,
  • (ii) rehiring of the employee (within 3 years of leaving the company for the employment eligibility verification to hold), or,
  • (iii) extension of the expiration date of the document.

While re-verifying a legal name change and rehiring of the employee (within three years of leaving the company) are done from the People Directory through the edit option of Employee Details, extension of the expiration date of the document is re-verified from the Compliance Menu with steps similar for document(s) submitted for completing Section 2 of the I-9 form.

Steps to re-verify Legal Name Change:

  • Sign in as payroll admin.
  • From top menu "People", choose "Directory" and click the employee for whom the legal name change has to be updated
  • Select "Personal Details" and click the "Edit" Icon 
  • Update the first, middle, last name together with the suffix as in the document provided by the employee and click Save.
  • The legal name of the employee is then updated and mapped to section 3 of the I-9 form

Steps for Recording Rehiring of an Employee:

  • Sign in as Payroll admin
  • From top menu "People", choose "Directory "and click the employee rehired within 3 years of leaving the company.
  • Select "Job Details" and click the "Edit "icon in the top right of the "Employment Details" section.
  • Update the new hire date of the employee and click Save
  • The new hire date of the employee is updated and mapped to section 3 of the I-9 form.

Steps for Re-verifying Expiration Date of uploaded Support Documents:

  • Sign in as Payroll admin.
  • From top menu "Compliance" go to "Employee Documents"  and Click on Form I-9
  • Click re-verify button for the employee to update expiration date of uploaded support document(s).
  • Fill in the Document title, Document number and Updated Expiration Date (as per document provided or receipt shown).
  • By clicking submit, the details are mapped to section 3 in Form i-9
  • Click e-sign and Approve
  • Upon signing by the employer/authorized representative, Form I-9 of Section III will be complete.

An employees' completed Form I-9 can be viewed as pdf/summary in Employee Documents under Compliance menu. Employees can view their finished forms in the Documents section of their employee portal.

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