Upon completion of Employee Information and Attestation of the Form I-9 Section 1, the employer/authorized representative has to review and verify (within 3 business days) either one list-a document or one each of list-b and list-c documents that an employee submitted.

Here's how to review and verify Form I-9

  1. Go to Compliance >> Employee Documents >> Form I-9.
  2. Click the Review button in the Status column of the employee who has e-signed Section I and uploaded support document(s).
  3. View and verify the page with Employee info, Employment Eligibility info, Document Verification
  4. Click e-Sign and Approve.
  5. Once signed by the employer/authorized representative, Section II of Form I-9 will be complete.
  6. After completing Section II, the option of Re-verification and Rehires is added as a link to Form-I9. Clicking the link would direct to the steps for re-verification by Employer/Authorized Representative:

(i) of a change in name of an employee as appearing in a new document,

(ii) of the validity of employment eligibility if re-hiring of an employee occurs within 3 years of leaving the company,

(iii) of the process of renewal of the expiration of the validity of a submitted document.

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