After receiving an email from your employer, you can complete Form I-9 to verify your employment eligibility.

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Here’s how to complete Form I-9:

  1. Go to Documents >> Payroll Documents and click Get Started next to Form I-9.
  2. On the Start Form I-9 page, select either Add Manually or, if you have a signed copy, Upload I-9.
  • If you select Add Manually,    

    • On the Employee Information page, view and edit your personal details, then click Save and Continue.

    • On the Document Verification page, choose whether to e-sign and submit documents now or e-sign now and submit documents later.

    • If you choose to submit documents and e-sign now, select either Document from List A or each Document from List B and C, and fill out the details.

    • Click Submit.

    • View a summary of Form I-9 on the Summary page.

    • Once documents are submitted, use a stylus or mouse pointer to digitally sign in the signature box, then click Save and Continue.

        3. If you choose Upload I-9,

  • Click the Form I-9 PDF link to download the form.

  • Fill in all the details, sign and upload the completed form.

Note:  By choosing to submit documents for verification later (within three business days), you can e-sign Form I-9 and return later to upload the documents.

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